The London Club & Bar Awards 2013

The London Club and Bar awards – an annual celebration of the Capital’s bacchanals, barflies, and boozers went underway on the 4th June 2013 with our very own Archer Adams sponsoring the salaciously named ‘Sexiest Host Award’ (no, really).

Taking place at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, the London Bar and club awards are now in their 19th year with the nights only seeming to get louder and longer.  

When asked how his night went, Archer jokingly remarked “Not for the faint hearted”. Those were about the only words to be prised out of the former music manager cum fashion designer pictured below.

Archer’s choice of attire for the evening was of his own design and making - an emerald green custom-made mohair suit over a slim-fitted black shirt and tie. The wide lapels, coupled with the unique luster of the suit’s cloth, makes for a dramatic take on this classic smart look.

No matter what your taste in suits et al. Archer Adam’s made-to-measure service can produce incredible one-off pieces using an incredible selection of the finest British and Italian cloths. Did I also mention we can even pick you up at your door with our new Archer Adams Black Cab? No? Well more on that coming soon.