The Crocodile Westminster Gothic Umbrella: For Warm Blooded Hands Only

The near perfect biological design of the crocodile served as inspiration for the newest addition to our Westminster Gothic Umbrella collection, so we wanted to do it justice…by not changing much at all.  There must be a reason one of nature’s fiercest predators hasn’t evolved in millions of years; why fix what isn’t broken?

What we did make sure is that the latest Westminster Gothic Umbrella adheres to all that makes our umbrellas so special. Like the rest of our stunning collection, the crocodile retains a timeless yet fierce, a classy but powerful attitude that’s designed to echo what you want to say about yourself. A juxtaposition of elegance and passion - this umbrella makes a statement that you are a paragon of confidence, no one to be messed with, and certainly no one to be ignored. Instead the crocodile demands respect, because in our eyes, it’s earned it.

The new crocodile head Westminster Gothic Umbrella is available to purchase now at the usual RRP of £185 inc VAT. Remember, we do offer lifetime repairs* on all of our Westminster Gothic Umbrellas, so you can be sure yours will last multiple seasons whilst still looking as stunning as the day you bought it.

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*Lifetime repairs subject to terms and conditions and may incur a small admin + shipping charge