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A Sexy Mr. Gargoyle Umbrella ? July 25 2015


After several months of design, mould making, sampling and all the rest, we now are now in the final stages of the creation of our latest style: Mr Gargoyle! 

At first glance, our Mr Gargoyle Westminster Gothic umbrella isn't what anybody would typically call "sexy" but that's what our intern, Michelle, said when she first laid eyes on it. We think think she was being sarcastic, but if confidence is sexy, then carrying our our Mr Gargyole is extremely sexy! :) Plated in sterling silver.

We're so glad we created you Mr Gargoyle! (Available Oct 1, 2015)

For pre-orders please email:


John Simons - The Ivy Look July 08 2014

Chiltern Street continues to develop as a prime shopping destination in London; you can’t miss it if you have you have an interest in independent shops who are so different from the big chain stores.  One legend on the street is John Simons.

John Simons introduced the American Ivy League style to London in 1964. While “preppy” or “Ivy League” style had been well developed in the USA for many years previously, it took John Simons to properly bring it to the UK – and the London Mods loved it.  

Button down shirt collars, knee length trench coats, penny loafer moccasins... these are just some of the go-to styles because they are the both comfortable thing yet stylish.  And they are never out of style.

Many men are only looking for comfortable luxury and that need is fulfilled by Ivy League Style and perhaps it always will.

Consider Hardy's April 08 2014


Tucked away on Dorset Street in Marylebone, just around the corner from our boutique lies Hardy’s Brasserie & Wine Bar. The neighbourhood favourite offers an inviting, friendly atmosphere along with high quality British classics and contemporary European dishes, not to mention its extensive award-winning wine list. Breakfast, lunch or dinner it’s your choice.